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May 15 2014


Bikini Workout With Weights

0 0 0 0 0 0 Work your arms and abs while improving your posture with this simple move. Max Workouts Start in a plank position holding a weight in your right hand. Keep your torso stable as you pull your elbow toward the ceiling squeezing your right shoulder blade toward your spine. Lower the weight to the floor go here now with control to complete one rep. Complete 10 reps, then switch sides. Deep Squat With Overhead Reach Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 Anytime your hands go above your head, your abs are forced to work. Add a dumbbell to the move, and they work harder.
More http://www.fitsugar.com/Bikini-Workout-Weights-34635491

March 26 2014


One-hour Workout: Speed And Power-boosting Strength Set

Recover for 60 seconds and move on to the next set. Do four sets total. Chest press Using a pulley around chest height, stand facing away from the machine with a cable coming under internet your armpit. Press the cable away from you in a fast movement, returning slowly to your chest. Cable pull Using the online same pulley height you used for the chest press, simply turn around and now face the machine. Using strong and quick movements, pull the cable towards you concentrating on standing tall and squeezing your glutes workouts and back while you pull the cable. Pallof press 30-second hold each side Again using the same cable, stand with the machine perpendicular to you. Grab the pulley handle and begin by holding it against your chest. Then, press the handle away from you, making sure you remain standing strong.
Read more: http://triathlete-europe.competitor.com/2014/03/26/one-hour-workout-speed-and-power-boosting-strength-set

February 17 2014


Muscle-building Tips

While societal needs may have changed in a way that no longer makes it necessary to have the characteristics to succeed, to a certain extent, we carry our ancestors tastes. This means that physical traits that imply the presence of mating qualifiers are important visit homepage for increasing your stock with the ladies. To that workout end, an X-shaped physique means broad shoulders, a narrow waist and strong, well-developed calves. For broad shoulders , focus on core movements that allow for maximal recruitment, such as the push press and some isolation exercises to focus on the medial delts and increases in width, such as lateral raises. A narrow waist is primarily the result of a low level of body fat, obviously. However, it is important to understand that the muscles around your waist respond to weight training in much the same way that all other muscles do: by growing. So while it isnt necessary to avoid certain exercises completely, train with the caveat that you should avoid rotational exercises with either a heavy weight or high volume. The goal, overall, is to develop a waist-to-shoulder ratio of about 1.618 the Golden Ratio. Now, as for strong, well-developed calves, these are not easy to come by.
More http://www.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding_900/969_muscle-building-tips.html

February 02 2014


Winter Fitness

"We have quite a mix of people," Clemetson said, about the latest demographic of membership. "We have a good variety of ages." She added that several senior citizens joined SNAP Fitness in 2013. Busiest times for the fitness center range between 5 and 8 p.m., according to Clemetson. SNAP Fitness is just a basic gym, Clemetson said, but tanning and hydromassage services are also available. They also have three personal trainers, she continued, and five new treadmills that recently arrived. "People have been signing up for tanning," Clemetson said, noting one of the more popular areas of the center. Cindy Mueller, director of original site program services at the Minot Family YMCA, said they are always busy and have been busy all the way through the cold weather. She and the other staff used to think that things would slow down in the summer months, but the YMCA is always busy now.
Source: http://www.minotdailynews.com/page/content.detail/id/591801/Winter-fitness.html

January 25 2014


Is Carl Icahn Right About Paypal?

The company as a whole trades on a multiple of nine times next year's enterprise value divided by earnings (or ev/ebitida), which measures a company's return on investment. Meanwhile, the payment operators, like Visa and Mastercard ( MA ), trade roughly at 15 to 17 times next year's ev/ebitda, or around 40% higher than eBay. E-commerce sites also trump eBay's numbers with Amazon trading at around 33 timesnext year's ev/ebitida and Groupon ( GRPN ) trading at around 17 times. So what's with the lag? One reason may be that eBay confuses fund managers. Its revenue is divided between its marketplace business, which is growing at in the low teens, and its PayPal business, which is growing much faster at over 20%. When you have two disparatebusinesses growing at two different ratesunder one roof, you tend to scare away investors who usually look for more "pure play" businesses. Should eBay be part of a portfolio that focuses on e-commerce, or should it be in one that focuses on payment networks? Would it be considered a value stock or a high growth stock?

January 19 2014


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